How To Sell Used DVDs For Cash, Fast

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selling used dvds

Now that we are in the era of Netflix, Hulu, and on-demand streaming services, DVDs are probably just laying around the house collecting dust. Instead of just looking at these ancient art-effects, how about you turn them into Cash instead? So how do you start selling used DVDs for cash?

If you have DVDs lying around, you are sitting on a goldmine! Okay oh, maybe not a gold mine, but these DVDs can definitely be turned into Cash If you know the right places to sell them.

Let’s go over how exactly you can sell your used DVDs for cash.

1. Catalog your DVD collection

The first thing you need to do before selling your used DVDs is to catalog your entire DVD collection. You need to know exactly what you have, and the condition that is in.

You don’t want to end up selling DVDs online, only to realize that you don’t even know where the actual disks are. Pull out a spreadsheet or a piece of paper and go through your DVD collection.

Figure out the state of each movie. What’s the condition of the case. How scratched up is the actual disk. Does the movie actually work? You need to have answers for each and every DVD in your collection.

A potential buyer always wants a clear picture of what they are buying. You don’t want to sell them in expectation only to deliver something substandard.

2. Figure out how much they are worth

When you post your DVDs for sale, you don’t want to overvalue some of your movies, and you also don’t want to undervalue some of your highly sought-after movies.

A good way to figure out how much a movies worth is looking at eBay. Just hop on eBay and type in the names of the movies he wants to sell it. The eBay market has a clear value of how much things are worth on the used Market.

Remember, you aren’t here to give away DVDs for charity. You wants to make cash right? Well, unless you really wants to just give the DVDs away, then go ahead and do that. If not, then you need to know what your movies are worth and set your price to that.

3. Be accurate but unique

Once you figure it out the condition and pricing for your DVDs, The Next Step would be to stand out from the rest of the sellers selling similar DVDs.

He wants to create catchy titles, but also remain accurate. For example, if you are selling the Matrix trilogy, here are some ideas:

  • The Matrix Used DVDs
  • The Matrix Trilogy Collection (Extended Versions) – Mint Condition

From those two examples, which title is more eye-catching, but remains accurate. Clearly the second one right? The idea here is to stand out from the rest and give an immediate idea to the buyer on what’s for sale!

4. Where to post the DVDs for sale

Gone are the days where Craigslist was the only place you could buy and sell things online. They are loads of apps out there now that are much more efficient and safer. Here are a few that I would highly recommend:

1. Decluttr

Not only is decluttr probably a fan favorite of mine, but it will probably be highly recommended by other bloggers out there as well. Definitely a go-to place for selling things like DVDs, CDs, and video games.

This platform is completely free to use. All you have to do is enter the barcode off the DVD that you are trying to sell, and declutter will give you an instant offer.

Instead of trying to haggle and sell to individuals, decluttr can cutout that entire process and give you instant offers on the DVDs you have for sale. Once you accept an offer, simply ship it to decluttr and if he meant to be sent to you after they receive it. Easy as pie.

2. eBay

EBay has been a tried-and-tested platform for people selling used items online. It has definitely matured over the years to be a much safer and controlled environment.

If you want to try your luck at wedding, you can auction off your DVDs on eBay to the highest bidder. There is a pro and con to this. The pro is that your DVD might sell for higher than you thought it was worth. The downside is that a winning bid might be just $1.

So if you sell your DVDs on eBay, make sure to your set a bidding Reserve. This is basically the minimum amount of money you will take for your DVD.

3. OfferUp

The OfferUp app is a relatively newer contender but has gained huge popularity for people that are wanting to sell used items on the internet.

The great thing about OfferUp is that you can also do some homework and figure out what others are selling similar DVDs for. Potential buyers can also counter offer you asking price, and see if you are willing to sell its for a lower price.

This gives room for conversation and allows users to offer a price they are willing to pay for your DVD. This helps if you might have accidentally overpriced a DVD.

Once a buyer has purchased your DVD, they will be responsible for shipping costs. You will receive a shipping label that you can print out and affix to the envelope/box and ship it to the buyer.

4. Facebook marketplace

The Facebook app has become the one-stop-shop for everything and anything. With the Facebook Marketplace, you can list your items for sale to people in your area.

Listing is completely free, and you meet in person for the transaction. Just make sure you meet at a public place for safety reasons, of course.

5. Pawn shops

Over the years, many people have forgotten about pawn shops. Before the internet, pawn shops were the go to place to sell your used items for quick cash.

The same holds true today. You can visit your local neighborhood pawn shop can you show them your DVD collection. Depending on if they want them, they will offer you a price.

If accepted, they will just give you cash and they turn around and sell your DVDs in the store. This is much easier than selling one DVD at a time. Just so your entire collection to a pawn shop for some quick cash.

Final thoughts

Selling your used DVDs is much easier than you think. The hardest part is probably partying with all the memories that watching those DVDs might have brought in the past.

But, instead of letting them sit and collect dust, turning your used to DVDs Into Cash is probably a pretty good idea too.

If you have any questions or ideas on how to sell your used DVDs, feel free to comment below. I would love to know it 🙂

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