Top 10 Best Money Making Apps of 2022

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Oh yes, how do you do combine the one thing that we already do the most (being on our phones) and earn money while you’re at it? Money Making Apps, that’s how! Let’s talk about how you can make a little extra money. All of it adds up very quickly.

I have to admit, I love being alive this day and age! What other time in the history of the world have you been able to make money on an app?! Never!

So let’s take a look at the Top 10 Best Money Making Apps of 2021 that you can start using asap!!

1. iBotta


iBotta is this awesome app that lets you earn cash back for almost every purchase that you make at most stores out there! You can either connect your store account (like Amazon) and it automatically tracks your purchases and you earn cash back from what you do already!

For stores that don’t have a connector on iBotta, you can also upload your receipt from purchases and earn cashback that way! Your earned money accumulates in your account and you can cash them out into Paypal or gift cards. How awesome is that!

2. Decluttr

decluttr app

Most of us probably have items in the home we don’t use anymore, or just literally forgot about it! Instead of just having it sitting around, why don’t you just sell them for a little cash instead? Here comes Decluttr to the rescue!

You can sell most of your old electronics, books, and even CDs! Totally free to join! You should check out Decluttr.

3. Acorns

acorns app

Acorns is one of my all-time favorite apps to make some extra cash. It does that by investing extra change for you! Set it up once and forget about it! If you aren’t experienced in stocks and bonds investing, this app takes the money you spend on a regular basis and rounds it up to the nearest dollar. And you don’t have to think about it. It’s awesome. I wrote an extensive article about Acorns here.

For example, if you spend $19.10, the app will take $0.90 and invest it for you! You can also customize how much it should take, and what portfolio you’re interested in investing in. Super easy to use for the beginner! Highly recommended.

4. Swagbucks

swagbucks app

Swagbucks makes earning extra cash a piece of cake! You can earn by watching videos, shopping at your usual stores, or even playing games! You can even earn some extra cash by referring your friends too.

As you earn SBs, you can eventually redeem for gift cards and PayPal cash. Another cool perk is that you can exchange your SBs for gift cards at a discount so your money even goes further! You should check it out.

5. Sweatcoin

sweatcoins app

Sweatcoin is one of the most interesting apps out there without a doubt! Get paid for walking! Like, this is probably the easiest extra cash anybody could ever make! This app is especially beneficial if you walk a lot, so why not get paid doing it?

The app is completely free, so why not just download it and just go about your every day like you usually do? You can exchange the money you earn for tech products like iPhones, gift cards, or just cash out with Paypal.

6. Survey Junkie

survey junkie

Like the name says, you get paid to take surveys! Simple as that! Survey Junkie is a free app, and you take any kind of survey you want at your own time. It even tells you beforehand how much the survey is going to pay before you take it, so you can determine what you want to take.

If you want some quick cash, this app is definitely worth a look. You can make $15 or more in a few minutes of just answering questions! Super easy to use too. Check it out.

7. CoinOut


Coinout is a free app that lets you upload receipts from shopping that you do from your preferred store. Scanning receipts is such a simple thing to do, so you can do it right after shopping, and just earn free cash!

It’s completely free to use, so check it out!

8. Foap


If you’re an aspiring photographer or videographer and enjoy taking beautiful pictures and videos, you can actually sell your media on Foap for some extra cash! Simply download the app and upload the media you want to sell!

Another awesome perk is that a single photo can be sold more than once, so you can potentially make good extra income if you have good photographs!

9. Truebill


The Truebill app is a bit unique in this list. Instead of actually earning you cash, it can help you negotiate your reoccurring bills and subscriptions and effectively save you hundreds of dollars a year!

This app is also pretty awesome because it can cancel unwanted subscriptions for you for free! A definite must to check it out!

10. Paribus

paribus app

To end the list, let’s look at Paribus! One of the easiest ways to make some extra cash! You can earn money back from items you’ve already bought!

How it works is, on eligible purchases, when the price of the item drops, you may earn money back! To top it off, they can even file claims with Walmart and Amazon if your delivery is late! this must be one of the easiest ways to earn money back!

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