Doordash Review: How To Make $200 Per Day

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how much do you make with doordash

With the advent of this wonderful thing called the internet, there’s been a huge influx of different ways to make money. Finding ways to make money while having a busy schedule can be a bit challenging. DoorDash makes it so much easier to make your own schedule and earn a pretty decent side income! How much can you make with DoorDash? We’ll talk about that in a bit.

Becoming a driver for DoorDash is called being a Dasher. Everyone these days is ordering food from their homes, and in turn, creating a huge demand for Dashers. This is where you come in and earn yourself some cash!

We’ll go through exactly how it works, what’s needed to you become a Dasher, and how much you could potentially make 🙂

What is DoorDash?

how much do you make with doordash

Doordash is simply an online food delivery service. Doordash partners with loads of restaurants that don’t have their own delivery drivers and uses Dashers to deliver the food to customers.

Once someone places an order through DoorDash, the order is pushed to various Dashers that are close to the restaurant. Once you accept an order, you drive to the restaurant, place the order, bring the order back to the customer, and you’re done!

All instructions and directions are given to you when you accept an order straight within the app. Pretty simple.

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What do I need to become a DoorDash Dasher?

Now that we’ve covered how Doordash works, you’re probably wondering what you would need to become a Dasher. There are a few requirements you would need to meet:

  • You must be 18 years or older
  • Have access to a vehicle or bicycle
  • Any car, truck, motorcycle, or scooter
  • Own an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Driver’s license with at least one year of driving experience
  • Valid insurance

That’s it. It doesn’t take much to qualify to become one. You probably also noticed that you don’t even need to have a car to become a DoorDash Dasher! If you live in a large metropolitan area, you could just use a bike or scooter to make deliveries. As long as you’re over the age of 18 and own a smartphone, you can easily get started with DoorDash.

How much can you make from DoorDash?

This is probably the part that you were most excited about 🙂 Figuring out exactly how much you could potentially earn from being a DoorDash Dasher. Well, I’m happy to report that you can actually make a very decent income!

Officially, DoorDash advertises that you can earn between $15 and $25 an hour. That means, if you did DoorDash full time, it’s an annual salary of about $31,200 to $52,000. That’s an extremely good income from a side gig. This also assumes that you are working 8 hours a day Monday to Friday.

YouTubers that have reported their experiences and income from DoorDash claim that they earn between $7 and $10 per delivery. They also say that an average of about 2 to 3 deliveries per hour. This lines up pretty good with DoorDash’s official numbers, but you could potentially earn even more! Really good drivers claim to earn close to $40 an hour!

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As you’re just starting out, and getting your feet wet, you might earn a little less than the average. Is going to take time to familiarize yourself with the peak hours, best locations, and strategies to shop efficiently. Once you have all that figured out, you could potentially earn a very good income!

Pros of being a DoorDash Dasher

There are a lot of things that are pretty appealing to becoming a DoorDash Dasher.

  • Great flexibility: Unlike a typical job, becoming a DoorDash Dasher allows you to create your own schedule and work whenever you want. This makes it an excellent side hustle as you might opt to work some days of the week, like weekends. And when you don’t want to work, you don’t have to. You’re your own boss!
  • No interaction needed: If you’re more of a quiet person and don’t enjoy constantly interacting with people, you will love this side hustle! You could potentially just go pick up orders and drop them off without needing to chit chat with people
  • You don’t even need a car: If you live in a large city, you might not even need to own a car to become a DoorDash Dasher. That’s really awesome to not have to worry about car insurance and gas. If you have a bike or scooter, it might be all you need!
  • You get paid tips: On top of your normal earnings from DoorDash, Dashers also get to keep 100% of the tips you earn! This makes your earning potential that much higher!

Cons of being a DoorDash Dasher

Now that we’ve looked at a bunch of pros that’s come with becoming a Pros of being a DoorDash Dasher Dasher, they are some cons to consider.

  • Potential operating costs: If you have a car, you are responsible for paying your own gas, your own maintenance, and any repairs that might be needed. If you also have to pay for parking whenever you deliver, you will also have to incur that cost. This really all depends on where you live so it’s important to take that into account.
  • Sporadic delivery times: Whenever you accept an order, you might realize that the customer lives 30 minutes away. Sometimes the customer might just be around the corner, but you have no control over that.

Final thoughts

The awesome thing about DoorDash is that it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. More and more people are turning to online ordering of food from restaurants and eating at home. That’s creating a huge surge in demand for Dashers like yourself! Talk about job security 🙂

When working towards bettering your finances, It’s always important to create multiple streams of income. If you have a regular day job, consider being a DoorDash Dasher and creating another fantastic stream of income. Heck, the fact that you can create your own schedule and be your own boss is awesome on its own! Pretty cool side gig!

If on the other hand you are currently unemployed and need an easy to start job, then becoming a DoorDash Dasher could become your Lifesaver! Super easy to get started and super easy to qualify.

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  1. Hey my name is Davin and I’ve been interested in becoming a dasher when it opens in my area but I was wondering what metro areas does doordash allow you to deliver on bike or scooter?

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