Stop Paying For Cable! How To Cut The Cord in 2022

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cut the cord

If you are still paying for Cable TV, chances are, you’re probably paying waaay too much for tv! Is $100+ every single month really worth it for TV? And besides, do you really watch every single channel on cable TV? Chances are you don’t. Time to cut the cord, my friend!

Back in the day, cable TV was probably your best and only option for good TV. Internet wasn’t as fast, and devices weren’t as smart as they are today. Wanted to watch a show? You probably needed to set a reminder on your phone to watch it! Or maybe you enjoy commercials? Yup, cable TV was the way to go.

Nowadays, with ever-growing internet speeds and streaming services, cable TV has kinda turned into a dinosaur. Sure, a lot can be said about the perks of having live TV, but chances are, streaming services and other options do it better for far less money! Here’s your ultimate guide to get you to cut the cord.

Get an HD Antenna

The very first and probably the easiest way to get up and running is to get yourself an HD antenna! This little contraption plugs into the back of your TV and instantly gives you unlimited free access to local channels that broadcast through the air.

Depending on your state and location, you might be surprised at what HD channels are offered for free. I myself got an HD antenna and I’m able to watch CBS, Fox, and even HGTV absolutely free! However, if you still happen to live or in the rural area and are not close to any broadcasting Towers, then you might not be able to get good reception. Something to keep in mind

The antenna itself might cost you as little as $10 and if the free channels that broadcast through the air are your favorites, you can actually end up with TV for absolutely $0.

Get a Streaming Service

here is the cream of the crop when it comes to cord-cutting. There are so many different streaming services out there now. Of course, the obvious ones would include Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and even YouTube TV.

These are just a handful, but can save you a fortune! Do you know how much you are currently paying for cable TV? It’s probably close to at least $100 or more. Do you know how much a streaming service cost? An average of 9 to $15.

Let that dollar amount sink in a little bit. People out there are spending hundreds of dollars every single month for some television. I know this might ruffle up some feathers but cable TV is so incredibly overpriced! You can probably get be much more Superior Service by getting yourself a streaming service.

Go ahead and give your cable provider a call and cancel that insanely priced subscription and enter the world of streaming services.

I myself use both Hulu and Netflix for my TV Entertainment. Check them out, they offer free trials too 🙂

Something to consider

Okay sure, it all sounds good and rosie, but like most things there is always a catch. The thing is, because they are so many streaming services out there, sometimes only having one streaming service will not be enough.

For instance, let’s imagine that you have a Netflix account. That’s all fine but now you wants to watch some really good movies by Disney! Since Disney Plus debuted, you probably need to get a Disney Plus account. That’s another subscription to consider.

Now that you’ve got yourself a Netflix and Disney Plus account, you can’t miss out on HBO exclusives like Game of Thrones! Well done! Now you will need to get yourself an HBO account!

See the problem here? Having so many different streaming services can really add up quickly! If you went ahead and got an account on each one of these different streaming services, it would end up costing you more for this. So before signing up for each and every streaming service out there, make sure you only pick one or two that you really can’t live without. You can’t have them all without pay for it! Got to stay within your budget.

Should you cut the cord?

In a nutshell, yes you should definitely cut the cord! There are so many advantages that come with on-demand streaming services over traditional cable TV. If you also went ahead and got yourself an HD antenna, you will also get to experience pretty good local channels for free.

The only caveat to cord-cutting is that you will need to be careful not to sign up for a lot of streaming services. These costs add up pretty quickly. So be careful not to go from one expensive thing to another.

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cut the cord

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