Top 6 Ghost Towns You Can Buy Right Now, Seriously

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buy a ghost town

I don’t know how many of you knew this but, did you know you could actually buy your very own ghost town? I mean, why bother buying an actual house or some land somewhere when you can own an actual Ghost Town! Amazing!

At the time of writing this, the average home in the United States costs $269,039. This of course varies from state to state, so some places cost more and some cost less. In some cities in California, houses could cost upwards of a million dollars!

How about you scrap having to deal with neighbors and limited space! Buy your very own ghost town and call yourself the mayor!

Here are the Top 6 Ghost Towns You Can Buy Right Now, Seriously!

1. The Villa de la Mina, Texas

buy a ghost town villa de la mina

List Price: $1,700,000

If you’re looking for a nice complete ghost town for sale, The Villa de la Mina is located in Texas and is for sale! It features plenty of buildings, a mine, and even a railroad track!

The town was built using handmade bricks and rocks. This particular town has quite a unique look and style, which kinda reminds me of old Italian architecture.

2. Woodside, Utah

buy a ghost town Woodside, Utah

List Price: $3,900,000

This small ghost town that you can buy has a tiny population of 30 people! Its glory days peaked back in 1910 and has slowly declined in its inhabitants.

The tiny town had a very steep price and did not have many interested buyers for what it had to offer. That means you still have a great shot of getting it if you wanted it.

3. 6000 W Spring Canyon Rd, Utah

buy a ghost town 6000 W Spring Canyon Rd

List Price: $199,000

This tiny ghost town of about 154 acres is one of the cheaper options! Originally founded in 1927, it was primarily a mining town. That’s when it peaked until a fire rendered the mines un-usable.

In 1931, a fire completely destroyed the mines of this land and inhabitants moved on. You can still find about 30 or so foundations of buildings that used to be there.

Visitors of this town have also reported having seen ghosts, so if you’re into that kind of stuff, this might be the town for you!

4. Swett, South Dakota

buy a ghost town Swett, South Dakota

List Price: $250,000

Although a bit on the small side, Swett in South Dakota is about 6.6 acres big. It features a house on the lot and a formerly popular bar that was enjoyed by pheasant hunters returning from a day of sport. 

Visitors and locals also report encountering ghosts in this town, believing it is haunted. Well, I suppose if you were interested in buying a “Ghost town”, ghosts would come with the package!

5. Millican, Oregon

buy a ghost town Millican, Oregon
Source: Land and Wildlife Realty

List Price: $1,500,000

The tiny ghost town of Millican can be yours for about 1.5 million! It spans about 74 acres. The little town features an abandoned general store and gas station. With a bit of handyman work, maybe you can bring the town back to life!

This ghost town was first established in the late 1880s and peaked in the early 1900s.

In the 1930s, U.S. Highway 20 cut its own path nearby. Much of the town moved out at that point, interested in the new life that road could provide. The last inhabitant, Billy Rahn, ran the local Post Office and retired in 1942 when it closed.

6. Scenic, South Dakota

buy a ghost town Millican, Oregon
Source: Wikimedia Commons

List Price: $800,000

This tiny abandoned ghost town of 12 acres is up for grabs for just under 3 quarters of a million. The interesting ghost town includes old buildings such as an old saloon, cowboy barracks, and even a dance hall!

An interesting aspect of this town is that it has an estimated 700 cars that pass through each day in their travels. That creates a unique opportunity for any driver that might stop for some tours, sight seeing, or shopping!

How do you finance a ghost town purchase?

Unlike getting a conventional mortgage from a bank, if you want to buy a ghost town, it can be much more tricky! If you have cash, it makes the transaction that much easier, but if you’re wanting financing from a bank, it can get hairy.

Most of the time, you have better luck getting a mortgage from a private bank of sorts. Government-backed mortgages such as FHA and Freddie Mac will not touch this kind of property.

Since most private lenders see these kinds of places as risky investments, interest rates will not be in your favor. If you do get financing, it will likely have exorbitant Interest rates making it quite expensive.

Making a ghost town livable is tough

Another thing to consider is that going to make me a ghost town livable is pretty difficult. Funding sources of fresh water, electricity, and other Utilities can prove to be problematic.

Some of these ghost towns are miles away from public utility lines. Definitely, something to consider if you plan on making it livable at all.

Final thoughts

The idea of buying and owning a ghost town may sound exciting to some, but dreadful to others. Looking at the price tags, it’s not a cheap purchase or investment. Buying a ghost town isn’t necessarily for those with shallow wallets.

If you are a history buff and love the idea of owning a piece of the country, owning a ghost town would most likely count as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I mean, how often can somebody see I own a ghost town?! Talk about a conversation starter! 🙂

Would you ever buy your own ghost town?! Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I am a history buff and I would love to own a ghost town , yes time and money are of concern though someday .

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