How To Make Money On YouTube Even As A Beginner in 2022

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Have you ever been watching YouTube and thought to yourself “Man, I have a camera and things to say, how do I make money on YouTube, and is it even still possible?” Well, I’m here to tell you that making money on YouTube, even as a beginner, is not only possible, but I’ll show you how!

According to Forbes, the highest-paid YouTubers are earning in excess of over $162 million combined! Yes, hundreds of millions of dollars. They are living proof that with dedication and focus, there is a lot of money to be made on the platform.

Admittedly, as amazing as it all sounds, it’s not as easy as just hitting record and earning six figures overnight. It takes time, but if you follow these simple steps, it’s still a relatively simple concept that anybody can follow.

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How much can you actually earn?

Everybody has heard of YouTube giants like PewDiePie and Logan Paul earning millions of dollars from their YouTube Channels. While these examples are the minority and exceptions, the vast majority of YouTubers earn a more modest income. So how much money can you earn on Youtube?

As a rough estimate, you can make about $1.00 – $1.50 per 1,000 views your YouTube video makes. So using that math, a million views may earn you between $1,000 and $1,500.

More popular channels may earn more per 1,000 views, so the more popular you get, the more advertisers will want to put their ads on your channel! Not a bad way to earn some good income! This is why so many popular YouTubers can do this for a living full time.

Now, these estimates are just looking at YouTube ads, but many YouTube channels also sell merch and have sponsors on their videos. This can substantially increase how much each popular video and popular channel can earn!

Now let’s look at the steps you need to take to propel yourself to YouTube stardom!

1. Pick a niche

The first and most important thing to figure out is your niche (or your passion). Dedicate your channel to a special interest or particular topic that you love to talk about. This can be things like the latest tech, religious conversations, pet clothes, hair products, makeup, fashion, the list goes on. The most important part of this is to find out what you love and have fun with it! It’s so obvious when you pick a topic that you don’t enjoy, you’ll easily get tired and bored with it, and you’ll lose consistency and your quality drops!

2. Get your gear

Here is a step that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, but a lot of people stop because of misconceptions. We live in a world where an iPhone can record 4K videos with outstanding audio quality! You don’t need an expensive $1,000 camera or lighting equipment to get started!

As an experiment, you should check out your favorite YouTubers and go to their earliest videos. The quality is probably pretty awful, so already you have a head start! If you must, you can also get started using an affordable camera you could probably get on Amazon. It’s not the gear but the content that makes your videos! So start recording.

It’s not the gear but the content that make your videos!

3. Upload consistently

Once you get started, another stumbling point for many is to remain consistent with your video uploads! You must aim to create fresh content on a regular basis.

The frequency should probably be uploading a new video every couple of days to every week. And keep it rolling! YouTube is a platform run by math and algorithms, so the YouTube computer favors frequent and fresh content over a video every couple of months. So make sure frequent uploading is high on your priority list, but remember to stay natural! Relax, record, and be yourself.

4. Create a following

Once you have a good flow of videos coming in, you’ll start noticing a trickle of subscribers and views coming in, but just posting and leaving it alone won’t cut it. Instead, you want to promote your channel outside of YouTube. Your first viewers are likely going to be family and friends, but that’s okay! They will be your first cheerleaders, and encourage them to share with their friends!

You should always remind your YouTube viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. This isn’t just to increase the count, but those same people will see your videos whenever you upload a new video, and the YouTube algorithms like that too! This won’t happen overnight, but keep it up!

5. Engage with your audience

YouTube also likes to see that when you gain traction, you engage and interact with your viewers! At the early stages of your channel, you’re likely going to get a few comments or questions on your videos. Try your hardest to respond to them and create a conversation. When more viewers come and watch your videos, they will be encouraged to participate in the conversation, and in turn, YouTube rewards videos with engagement!

6. Collaborate with other YouTubers

This is the secret sauce to increase your subscriber and viewer count on YouTube. Sadly, many YouTubers don’t use this tactic when starting out, but it can be incredibly beneficial to you and to other YouTubers!

Think about it, you probably aren’t the only one talking about your niche and probably aren’t the only up and coming YouTuber either. Search YouTube for others making videos talking about a similar topic and similar subscriber count, then reach out to them for a collaboration!

They will be excited to do it, and you’ll get to be in front of their audience as well! Trust me, this works.

7. Monetize your videos

The next step is to Monetize your videos. At the time of writing this article, YouTube requirements state that

  • Have at least 1,000 subscribers
  • Have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months
  • Adhere to YouTube requirements and guidelines (basically don’t show illegal stuff, gambling, or bad language)

If you have followed the items above and remain consistent, reaching this benchmark might take a few months to reach, then you can actually start making some money on YouTube. Granted, you’re likely going to be making maybe $1 a video, but this is going to be just the beginning! Keep going!

8. Keep going!

Lastly, I can’t stress this enough, you have to keep going! Making money on YouTube isn’t a get rich quick scheme but will take years of dedication and focus. As time goes by, you’ll gain confidence, you’ll understand the platform better, and you’ll understand what viewers want to see and hear.

This all can’t be done overnight. Many channels start, have a good topic to talk about, make 10 videos, lose patience with making money on YouTube, and lose interest. But you’re not going to do that! You’re going to persevere and keep going. Once you have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, millions of views, and making six figures, send some my way 🙂

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