How Exactly To Make Money On Pinterest Without A Blog

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how to make money on pinterest

Founded in 2008, Pinterest has taken the internet by storm and is definitely not letting go any time soon! Since this platform is so popular and widely used, how can you Make Money On Pinterest? That’s what we’re here to find out.

Since it’s inception, there have been many ways that you could make money on Pinterest, but like any other online platform, it evolves and changes over time.

The same spammy ways that used to work, don’t work now. Pinterest evolves slowly and its terms change to make sure that the users’ experience is always improving. Don’t worry though, there are still loads of legitimate ways you can earn money using Pinterest.

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever been browsing Pinterest and come across something you’re interested in, click the link, and make a purchase? Chances are, the person who pinned what you liked and purchased, got paid a commission! That’s Affiliate marketing!

With Affiliate Marketing, your earning potential is basically limitless! You simply pin to products you want to recommend to people, and when a person makes a purchase, you get paid commission for that purchase!

The key to success when doing Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest is to make visually engaging pins that stand out and convince your audience to click and make the purchase! We’ll go over that in a little bit.

How to get started

Alright, this all sounds fun and dandy, but the question is, how do you get started? Well, aren’t you just glad you found this post? I’ll show you step by step on how you can start earning a side income on Pinterest.

1. Know your audience

Before you start pinning random posts under the sun, it’s important that you define and understand your audience first.

What I mean by this is that your Pinterest account should have a certain niche that you post about. It can be anything from Trending New Shoes to Trending iPhone Accessories (whatever you’re interested in posting about). By defining your niche, and understanding your audience (your followers), you’ll post things they are interested in, and that you’re knowledgeable about.

2. Convert your Pinterest account to a business account

Don’t worry, this is completely free to do, but it is also a very important piece in all this. By converting your account, it gives you access to analytics about your pins.

This information is super crucial as it gives you a clear picture of what’s popular and what your audience is engaging in.

3. Follow others in your niche

By following others that are in your niche, a good handful will follow back and create a community around your niche.

As you follow all those in your niche that pin things you enjoy as well, make sure you repin their posts. This “preps” your boards so that Pinterest knows what your profile and boards are all about!

4. Join affiliate programs

Now comes the fun part! Some affiliate programs may require that you have an active website before you can join, the majority of them out there will approve you just fine.

Finding affiliate programs is easy, and applying for them is free. They will then give you a link that you will use when sharing product suggestions on Pinterest.

5. Automate your pins

Now that everything is set up, its lastly very important to pin throughout your day. Pinterest always prefers accounts that pin frequently and consistently.

Chances are, you’re too busy to be pinning constantly every day, and this is when automation tools like Tailwind and the Crowdfire app come in! You can set up an automatic schedule of when it should pin your posts, so you set it up and it does it all for you! Huge time savers

I personally use Tailwind for my promotional efforts on Pinterest, so you can sign up for free here: Check it out!

6. Promote your pins

It’s important that you don’t just pin and forget your pins. You have to make sure as many people as possible know about your content

Here are a few ways you could promote your pins:

  • If you run a blog, make sure to add pins that are relevant to your content
  • If you run an email list, make sure to send them digest emails to keep them up to date with your posts
  • Actively share your content on platforms like Facebook and Reddit (don’t be spammy! Make sure it’s relevant and helpful to the readers)
  • Share on your own personal social media accounts to your family and friends!

7. Try promoted pins

Lastly, as the saying goes, it takes money to make money.

It’s important that you study up first on how Pinterest ads and promoted pins work. For as little as $5 a day, you could promote some of your popular pins, and experiment to see which gain the most traffic and get conversions. This is an excellent way to get loads of traffic to your affiliate links and generate a very good return.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. The top ways you can make money on Pinterest. With perseverance and consistency, anyone can make some side income from Pinterest.

Try it out and see for yourself! Any questions, don’t hesitate to post them below! Have fun with it.

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how to make money on pinterest

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