Top 5 Best Free Music Streaming Apps of 2022

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best free music apps

Gone are the days when we all had to buy CDs and vinyl to listen to music. Don’t get me wrong, all these different formats still exist and are still a pretty cool way to enjoy music. Nowadays, streaming services are basically the new standard. With so much variety and choice, which apps are the best free music streaming apps out there?

Instead of downloading every single one of these music streaming apps out there, and hoping to find one that is actually good, I’m going to save you some time 🙂

If you’ve got a smartphone and internet access, here are some fantastic free music streaming apps that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

1. Spotify (Free)

best free music apps spotify

Let’s start with the king of the jungle! Spotify is definitely the most popular and well-known music streaming service out there. In the first quarter of 2020, Spotify reported having well over 286 million monthly active users. That’s a lot of users, thus boosting its popularity.

Spotify offers a free account where you can listen to pre-made playlists and radio stations based on your preferences and artist of choice. They offer a premium account that allows you to listen to any song you want, skip as many songs as you want, and even download songs to your phone.

2. Pandora (Free)

best free music apps pandora

Pandora is probably one of the older streaming services on this list. It’s been around for a while and has garnered hundreds of millions of downloads as well.

I personally enjoy how well it mixes radio stations based on my preferences, artist, and maybe a favorite album. Although I have a premium Spotify account, I also use Pandora when I want to listen to some good radio. Definitely a close second to Spotify.

Pandora also has a premium version that allows you to have unlimited skips, no ads, and also allows you to download music to your device to listen offline.

3. Amazon Music

best free music apps amazon music

If like me you already have an Amazon Prime account, then congratulations, you also have an Amazon music account. Amazon Music works similarly to how Spotify works, allowing you to search for your songs, and listen to your Auto-generated radio stations based on your interest.

The great thing is, if you already have an Amazon Prime account, you don’t have to set up totally different accounts to use this. It’s part of your regular Amazon Prime account.

So, although it’s not technically free (since you need an Amazon Prime account), you don’t have to pay extra to have it 🙂

4. iHeartRadio (Free)

best free music apps iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is among one of the most popular free music streaming apps out there. It’s basically a radio app where you can listen to various music stations based on your personal tastes and preferences.

Another cool thing is it offers AM and FM radio stations based on your location so you could also even listen to you the news and Sports Broadcast. Pretty awesome features.

It also offers a premium account for additional features and no ads, but the free version works just fine. Easily turn your smartphone into a little radio 🙂

5. YouTube Music (Free)

YouTube music

I’ll end the list with the Behemoth that is Google. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about YouTube, so this is no surprise.

On YouTube, you could most likely find every single song, every single band, and every single performance that has ever existed. Although YouTube is geared towards videos, you can still listen to some great music on it for free.

Within the YouTube app itself, it’s able to create an auto-generated playlist based on a particular song or genre that you want to listen to. Although it’s free with ads, you can opt to pay for YouTube premium that allows you to play music in the background and doesn’t have ads.

This is totally optional as the free alternative is just as good.

Final thoughts

If you go to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, you will likely find hundreds of free music streaming apps out there. Sure, they might all have their little Quirk and feature that sets them apart, but these apps listed are definitely the best on the market.

So take a second and check them out. They are free after all 🙂


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