Top 10 Places To Buy College Textbooks

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places to buy college textboox

Do you know what fascinates me? The exorbitant cost of college! Till this day, I still don’t understand why getting a college education costs so much. You know what’s even worse? The cost of those textbooks! I remember when I was in college, one of my biggest expenses every semester was college textbooks. But what are the places to buy college textbooks for cheap?

In this article, we’ll go over the top 10 places to buy college textbooks and save yourself a good chunk of money. I wish somebody had told me this a long time ago, but you get to hear from me instead 🙂

Strap in, and let’s save some money on expensive college textbooks.

1. Amazon

We’ll start off with the obvious. Not only can you buy toilet paper and a new cell phone on Amazon, but you can also buy college textbooks! Prices here are almost always cheaper than at the local bookstore or a college campus.

Also, since you are a student, you also qualify for Amazon Student. This is a cheaper version of Amazon Prime with the same benefits but at a much lower cost. That means you can get you or textbooks and easy returns for a low price. This is one of the most popular places to buy college textbooks for cheap.

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2. Campus book rental

Instead of actually buying your textbooks, how about you rent them? I will be honest, 90% of the textbooks I used in college I never opened once a class was done. You need them for that particular semester or class, and that’s usually it.

Renting your college textbooks is much cheaper than buying one. Chances are, once your degree is over, you would just have a stash of textbooks you don’t even use. Really consider checking out your campus book rental and renting your textbooks instead.


As the name suggests, specializes in selling educational textbooks. The site features an easy-to-use search and is easy to find what you need. These textbooks are also very affordable.

Not only can you buy textbooks here, but you can also rent them. Once you spend $25 on your textbooks, they ship them to you for free. Win-win.

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4. is also a great site that offers textbooks to buy, rent, or even cell. On average, you can expect to save 60% on your purchases as opposed to buying your textbooks elsewhere. Those are pretty good savings.

Not only are they cheaper on average, but they also offer promotions and coupons regularly. Expect to save on top of saving when you shop on this website.

5. Chegg

As one of the most popular websites out there for textbooks, Chegg checks all the boxes. Discounts on textbooks on this website can go as low as 90% off. They also offer an easy-to-use search functionality using an author, ISBN number, and even a specific version of your textbook.

An amazing feature that they also have is providing some textbooks in digital formats while you are physical books are shipped. This gives you immediate access to your textbook before your physical copy arrives. Super helpful if you have an assignment and need the book ASAP.

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6. BookFinder

Whoever came up with this website address is a genius. The name is so catchy! Explains exactly what it does. Use this website to find a textbook you need!

Simply enter the ISBN, title, or Arthur into the search. It will curate stores like Amazon, eBay, Valore books, and others. Super handy search engine for finding books. Again, Amazing title!

Check out BookFinder

7. SlugBooks

Although SlugBooks does not have a huge catalog, it also offers some great books at very good prices. If you really want to find a good deal, no harm in adding this to your list.

They also offer an option to purchase or rent the book, and you can also sell your unused books on that site. Just enter your state and school when you list your textbook for sale so that other students can see your listing. It’s like an eBay, but for textbooks

Check out SlugBooks

8. ValoreBooks

Just like most entries in this list, ValoreBooks has a decent catalog of books with great search functionality. Not only can you buy or rent used books, but they also offer new books. They are instances where a new version of a textbook might actually cost less than an older version in a used condition.

Take a look at search around, who knows what you might find for cheap.

Check out ValoreBooks

9. Affordabook

Affordabook is another great search engine for textbooks. When you enter your search, based on the ISBN, title, or author, the website searches over 10 different partners in its Network for your textbook. When found, you are given the choice to either buy or rent the book.

This website also has a handy feature where you can watchlist a book and wait until it reaches your target price. You get a quick email, and you can get the book at the price you want. Snazzy.

Check out Affordabook


Lastly, on this list of places to buy college textbooks for cheap, CheapTextBooks is a simple website where you can buy, sell, and rent textbooks that you need. It also has a handy search feature of using the ISBN, title, and author of the book.

A great feature of CheapTextBooks is that, when you sell a book, you can use those credits towards your next purchase!

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