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save money with honey

Online shopping is a wonderful thing! If I had the option to always buy my stuff online and never walk into a store again, I would probably take it! You know what could make online shopping that much better?! To save money while I’m at it using Honey!

Instead of Googling and trying to find coupon codes and save money on your purchase, what if I told you there was a much easier way? This is where Honey comes in! With this fantastic little browser extension, it can do all that for with just one click! That’s exactly how you save money online shopping using Honey.

What is Honey?

I’m pretty sure you have seen the ads and a YouTuber you watch probably mentioned it once or twice by now. If you haven’t heard about it before, you’re in luck. Your online shopping world is about to change forever!

Honey is a free web browser extension that hunts for coupon codes for you whenever you shop online to save money. Most, if not all of the major shopping websites are supported. Whenever you are checking out, Honey will test out a bunch of coupon codes for you so you get the best deal every time! If you are already shopping, might as well use a tool that saves you money while you’re at it! Win-win!

How does Honey work?

Honey works by simply looking through your cart as you are checking out of a website. Honey then searches all relevant coupons and attempts to apply them to save you money. It then keeps the coupon code that saves you the most amount of money. Instead of you manually having to search and find coupon codes yourself, It does it all for you automatically! Pretty neat!

To try this out, go ahead and download and install the browser extension. Once it’s installed, go ahead and go to your favorite shopping sites as normal. Head over to your cart but don’t check out yet.

Once there, the Honey browser extension should automatically pop up. If it doesn’t, then click the small letter “h” located at the top of your web browser. Once the coupon window pops up, then click Apply Coupons / Find Savings to have its test out coupon codes that it has found.

save money with honey extension

And just like that, if it finds relevant coupons, it will apply there for you and instantly save you some money! Then go ahead and check out as usual. Simple as that 🙂

What’s a browser extension?

Now I realize that all my readers have a wide range of experience when it comes to web browsing. If you don’t know what browser extension is, it’s simply a program that you install into your browser. That little program works in the background as you do other things. The honey browser extension kicks in whenever it detects that you are on a checkout page and helps you find coupons. It doesn’t interfere with how you regularly use your browser.

Is Honey safe and secure?

We are in a time where your online privacy and security is a big deal. The good news is Honey takes your privacy very seriously as well.

Honey does not sell any of your personal data. It also does not collect your browsing habits, any of your personal information, and any billing information you enter on any website. All it does is try coupon codes and finds the best deals when you’re checking out of website.

At the time of writing this article, the honey app has a reading of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. This is the average rating of over 2,000 user-submitted reviews. This is a super high rating so you can rest assured that Honey is super safe and highly rated.

How do I start using Honey?

Glad you asked! Getting started is super easy. To add to the Honey browser extension, follow this link and download the extension. It’s supported by almost every browser out there, so chances are you can install it on the browser you are using to read this.

Once you install the Honey extension, which will typically take just two clicks, then you will see a small letter “h” on the top of your browser. Just hop over to any site to shop at and get to the checkout page. There you will see the magic happen 🙂

Is Honey Free?

Yep, all this awesomeness comes completely free! Once you install Honey, you will be prompted to create an account. You don’t have to do this, but it’s highly recommended since it comes with some extra features.

Other than that, you pay absolutely nothing to use this awesome tool.

Final thoughts

There is just something about buying an item, getting to the checkout page, and paying less than your thought. Installing the honey extension to your browser is a no-brainer. It’s a definite must-have for anybody that ever buys anything online.

Listen, if you are going to buy something anyway, wouldn’t you love to just pay less for it? I couldn’t tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have probably saved since I’ve installed Honey. You know what, probably thousands of dollars at this point. I shop almost exclusively online and this little extension has been fantastic! Definitely check it out 🙂

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