I Don’t Want To Work Anymore – What Do I Do?

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i don't want to work

I Don’t Want To Work Anymore. Have you ever tried uttering these words to someone? If so, what was their response? If I was to guess, it probably wasn’t good. It probably sounded more like “what do you mean? You have to work” or “that’s just silly” but, is that really the case?

The thing is, chances are these thoughts are coming from a genuine place. You’re probably tired from The Daily Grind, the monotony, the boredom. Instead, you would rather go on a vacation, relax, and do the things you really want to do.

You are just simply, utterly, and completely tired from this thing they call a job. You don’t want to work anymore. What do you do?

Understand why

Take a second to really think about why you don’t want to work anymore. Do you hate your co-workers? Or maybe you hate the daily commute? Is it the low pay?

First understanding why you hate working will help you figure out what your next steps should be. Everyone has a why.

You don’t just wake up one day and hate working. There’s something you deeply dislike about once you do for a living. This is basic human nature. Today is he cause and effect, so it’s time you figure out your cause. You already know that hating the work is the effect.

You might not really understand what it is you dislike about working, but you can’t fix a problem without understanding what’s the actual problem is.

The system

As I write this article, I have realized a deep understanding of why some people feel this way. I mean, why does anyone really need a job? To get money right? And what is that money used for? To survive, enjoy, and maybe retire comfortably?

So many questions, but so little answers. We all wake up day after day, week after week, month after month, just to work. I remember my first big boy job and seeing the empty faces that’s my older co-workers had. You could tell that they were completely worn out and tired. But, as the system demands, we have to go to work.

Why can’t there be a way we can get money without having to go to work? Me, like most people, would you like to just relax, drink sangria at the beach, and just enjoy life. Is that really too much to ask for?

For the majority of us out there, yes, it is too much to ask for. More often than not, people are probably wishing for the same thing. Wishing they could not have to do this thing called work, and instead live life.

Understand your purpose

You probably went on Google and typed the question “i don’t want to work” for a reason. Maybe you wanted validation that you aren’t the only one thinking this. Or maybe you are seeking an answer on what you should do next.

The honest truth is, no one out there will have that answer for you. If don’t want to work, then what is it that you really wants to do?

If your answer is to do nothing but relax, trust me, it’s a really hard life to live. I know, you might be thinking that’s absolutely insane. Sounds Heavenly right? Just waking up with nothing to do but watch TV and play video games? Maybe hang out with friends.

The thing is, life becomes very long and boring when there is no purpose. This thing we call a job and work gives most people the reason to wake up, reason to get dressed, a reason to drive to that building, and a reason to provide some value to something.

Unless you have a clear motivation and purpose outside off this thing we call work, then not wanting to work might not be the right answer either.

Stop working just to work

Can you imagine waking up to go to work excited? I know, the fact that you are reading this probably means that you don’t really feel this way right now. But what if you did?

If you worked at something that you are totally and completely enjoy, then is it really considered work? If you loved playing video games, and got paid to play Esports, is that work?

Work is simply performing a task and getting paid for it. What if you got paid for doing things that you already loved doing it. That’s probably what you are really missing.

I love computers. I dream about computers, I work on computers for fun, and I’m just an utter computer nerd. Guess what? I get paid to write computer software. I mean, how awesome is that?

My literal passion it’s my work. It’s my job. And I completely love it. Why don’t you give that a try. Figure out what your passion is, and see if you can work in that field / industry. It will change your life.

Final thoughts

This article is a little different than the other articles I write. It’s an attempt at answering a question that really does not have an answer.

I can promise you that you aren’t the only one that feels this way. So many people dread working, resent their employment, and only live to get to Friday so that they don’t work 2 days out of the week. That’s absolutely no way to live, and no wonder they don’t want to work anymore.

Take a second to evaluate yourself. What is the real reason behind these thoughts. Once you figure those out, what can you do to fix them?

Let me know in the comments below on why you don’t wants to work anymore. I am genuinely curious to hear your story 🙂

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7 Replies to “I Don’t Want To Work Anymore – What Do I Do?”

  1. I do feel sorry for people that hate work. Personally I loved it, engineering new ideas and solving problems, even computer coding when it was a new field(and you weren’t yet born). I really looked forward to Monday mornings just as much as I did to Friday evenings. I literally would have done it for free if I could have fed my family. It’s a shame there only seem to be a few of us who got paid to do things we enjoyed, I’m glad you are one of them!

  2. You are so right! Sometimes it’s hard for us to figure out what our passions are in life, but those we confide in can help you find the next step to take that leads to purpose and happiness.

    I am so lucky you helped me find my next step. You are a true friend and motivator!!!

  3. I am utterly exhausted working for greedy nepotistic bastards who treat me like a slave rather than a human being, I have no control over my life, no financial freedom, no decent healthcare, not place to call my own. It’s just misery, day in and day out. And those precious 2 days off we get? They do absolutely nothing to recharge me. I only get angrier as usual realize I only have a few hours left before I have to go back and deal with these bastards for another week

  4. I hate working and I’m so resentful that I have to do it. I even work a well paying job (relatively. I teach at a college and earn close to but not quite six figures) with a lot of vacation.

    I can’t wait until I quit and retire.

    1. I hear you! Crazy to think that sometimes it’s not all about the money, there is just simply more to it. Hope you find your fulfillment!

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